With the same challenges carrying over from 2020, you might expect door and window sales to suffer, but not so. Despite labor shortages and supply chain issues, the industry’s best sold more than ever in 2021—averaging more than 30% increases over the prior year.

“We grew 50% last year organically, from $40.5M to 65.9M,” says Scott Thurber, president of Associated Building Supply Inc. Now his company is expanding into additional states.

Only four companies saw no increase in sales or a decrease. The largest increases ranged as high as several hundred percent. With acquisitions, this year’s top dealer came in at a whopping $416 million.

How is 2022 panning out? “We have already surpassed January 2021 sales with 10 days to go in the month,” reported Ty Schwartz, chief happiness officer and partner for Zen Windows Carolina.

Click here for the Top 100 Door and Window Dealers, which is expanded from what appeared in the print issue.

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