Door and Window Market [DWM] magazine serves the many facets of the residential door and window industry and reaches manufacturers, dealers, installers and suppliers. We are the largest publication serving the door and window industry. Our editorial content is targeted specifically to readers’ unique needs, including market developments and trends, new technologies, best practices and even current events that impact the door and window industry. We address issues that are impacting their businesses, such as government regulation, energy efficiency, and operating in an increasingly competitive marketplace, among many others.

The magazine has earned rave reviews from readers who compliment the columns, written by respected leaders in the industry, and the feature articles that delve into complex issues. In 2002, the prestigious American Society of Business Publication Editors named [DWM] as the “Best New Publication of the Year” in the Eastern Region of the United States. Since then, it’s won more than a dozen other awards for editorial excellence. [DWM] has also won rave reviews for tackling important investigative stories that others just won’t, and [DWM] does so consistently while providing issues on schedule.

Door and Window Market has earned a nearly 100 percent requestor status. This means that the vast majority of the 30,306* total qualified subscribers who receive [DWM] have requested to get the publication. Door and Window Market is a member in good standing of Business Publications Audit International (BPA), meets its strict standards and undergoes an audit every year. Be sure to ask for a copy of our most recent circulation statement. In fact, we are the only door and window publication who is a member of BPA, so we’re the only one whose circulation is audited.

[DWM] magazine is owned by Key Media & Research.

* Circulation as of June 2020.