Adam Shampaine, CEO of Homefix Custom Remodeling, number 16 on [DWM] magazine’s annual list of Top Door and Window Dealers, says “There’s nothing more important we can do as leaders than recruit.” This was part of his message to a group of home improvement specialists who gathered at the Home Improvement Profitability Summit in February. He knows a lot about the topic. After all, he lost a significant amount of his more than 700 employees during the Great Resignation in 2021.

“We went from 100 sales reps to 44 at one point,” he says. “We went from 280 canvassers to 40.

“At August of last year I was at my lowest. Things opened up and people stopped buying.”

But after talking to his mentor, and deciding to channel Alabama coach Nick Saban, revered for his stellar recruiting methods, Shampaine emerged energized and raring to go.

“I’m going to be him,” Shampaine says. “I looked at my team and had a lot of people that didn’t fit and weren’t executing. These included people I loved and cared about for 17 years.”

Out of seven sales regions, five leaders of the seven were let go, as well as the head of digital marketing and the vice president of installation—15 in total.

How did he replace them? It wasn’t necessarily from looking within home remodeling.

“I told people, if you know someone I don’t care what field they are in. Send them to me,” Shampaine says.

Previously not a believer in hiring a recruiter, he changed his mindset there and Brix recruiting lined up “25 of the best interviews I have ever done.”

“In 30 days we filled the entire org chart back up,” he says. “We also identified talent in the company that we may have overlooked.”

His advice for other businesses looking to make changes.

“You have to have a recruiting department,” he says. “They know every single job probably better than management. They know the role profile. They can do it all including onboarding. It may seem you are too small to have someone devoted to recruiting. If you want to scale, you need that.”

Additional advice includes not waiting to hire if you are fully staffed.

“If I have too many reps it’s the better position to be in,” Shampaine says. “For every million you bring in, you want two sales reps.”

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