Metrie®, a North American manufacturer and distributor of millwork solutions, announced its acquisition of the Hemlock and Alder manufacturing and distribution business of Fred Tebb & Sons Inc. (Tebb), a solid wood moulding manufacturer and distributor based in Oregon.

This is Metrie’s fourth acquisition in the last two years, following the purchase of Tinder Wholesale L.L.C. and EL & EL Wood Products Corp. earlier in 2022; and Pacific MDF Products Inc. and Canadian MDF Products Company in late 2020. The company says each acquisition has provided “complementary and expanded services” for its customers across North America.

“As well as being the largest MDF moulding manufacturer and distributor in North America, Metrie also has nearly 100 years of expertise in solid wood production. We know quality solid wood products and services when we see them,” said Kent Bowie, Metrie’s president and CEO. “Tebb has long been a leader in sustainably sourced and certified Pacific Coast Hemlock and Western Red (Knotty) Alder moulding products. This acquisition enhances our solid wood product mix and service offering to existing – and new – customers.”

“Like Metrie, we are a fourth-generation, family-owned millwork company, with hopefully many more generations to come,” added Rick Tebb, president of Fred Tebb & Sons Inc. “However, now is a good time to pass on the Alder and Hemlock trim part of our business, and I am sure Metrie will continue to build on the excellent customer service and product lines we have established.”

“The deal, along with all recent acquisitions, showcases Metrie’s leading presence in our industry in Canada and the U.S.,” Bowie says. “As market consolidation continues, we believe there is more that we can do for our customers, suppliers, and partners. The Metrie team continues to actively seek other millwork-focused businesses that are exploring exit opportunities.”

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