Earlier this month MFM Building Products, a manufacturer of a full envelope of waterproofing and weather barrier products for the building industry, finished an expansion project that began in February 2021 and added 48,000 square feet to the production area.
The expansion also allowed for the acquisition of new production equipment to meet the rising demand for orders. MFM said it has been acquiring additional raw materials to ensure product availability for its customer base, with the new facility now accommodating the additional inventory.

MFM Building Products finished the expansion project it began in February 2021.

Operations manager David Delcoma told [DWM] magazine that the new warehouse space “came just in time.”

“This project was conceived well before 2020’s COVID pandemic. At that time, we were having to work weekends and were limited on storage space for raw materials to meet our growing demand by our customer base,” he says. “Our customer base is 100% distributors of windows and doors, roofing and building products, as well as export orders to overseas distributors. When the pandemic hit, sales increased tremendously while lead times skyrocketed so MFM started buying more raw materials to ensure we had available inventory.”

Extended lead times for raw materials delayed the building’s completion, which was initially expected to have been completed by the fall of 2021. It was finished in June 2022 and the exterior portion of the facility completed in November.

“The biggest delay was receiving the metal components for the building itself (framework, wall panels and roof) which was scheduled for an early 2021 delivery, but did not arrive until June 2021,” Delcoma tells [DWM] magazine. “We essentially were forced to wait it out which pushed the project back. Since the project was moved back, we had to wait for the concrete to be poured much later than anticipated, pushing us into 2022.”

Other aspects of the expansion project included construction of new offices in the main headquarters building, and the addition of a new research and development laboratory for increased quality control and new product development.

“We are developing some new products which our competitors have also been developing,” Delcoma says. “We need to keep up with the Jones’.”

Once the production equipment is fully operational, the company expects to hire additional full-time employees.

“We definitely had some setbacks with the current state of the supply chain, which caused some delays in the completion date. Now that we are finished, we are focused on meeting the needs of our customers and hope to be introducing several new waterproofing products to our portfolio. As an ESOP company, there is a lot of excitement among our employees as MFM continues to grow,” said Tony Reis, MFM president.

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