Symposium attendees got to work hands-on with the equipment.

Several suppliers associated with window profile lamination hosted a training symposium last week to provide a concentrated, in-depth educational experience for those interested in learning more about the lamination process.

This year, the two-day event was hosted at the TreCo Tech facility in North Carolina with over 30 attendees. Kleiberit Adhesives, Barberan Machinery, Nordson Machinery and American Renolit were the sponsors of the event.

American Renolit product manager David Harris says there is an obvious growing interest in lamination in the window industry as a whole and that this symposium is an indicator of that interest.

The event was hosted at the TreCo Tech facility.

“Lamination has grown dramatically in the past few years,” Harris says. “There’s a lot more interested, there are a lot more people doing it—it’s growing very fast.”

Harris says they’ve been holding symposiums for about eight years now and building momentum as the interest in lamination rises.

Lamination, or profile wrapping, is a color solution for the vinyl window industry as an alternative to paint or capstock.

The symposium served as a way for those in the vinyl window industry to learn more about the process of creating the lamination and applying it to windows.

“Training can be a cumbersome process,” Harris says. “So by coming to the symposium, they were able to get a whole bunch of information in a short time. People walk away from this thing with a great deal more knowledge then they did going in.”

The first part of the day was classroom training.

Symposium attendees received classroom training at the beginning of the day, then worked with the machinery receiving hands-on experience. Harris says the event was “all-encompassing,” since it didn’t just address what the equipment was and how to use it but delved into things like how to clean and test it.

Harris says that the hands-on experience is always the highlight of the event and that some people even brought their own windows on which to test the equipment.

“You can talk about it all day, but if you can see it and touch it, you understand it better,” Harris says.

As a final takeaway from the event, Harris asserts, “The success of [the symposium] really supports that this process [of lamination] is growing in the industry.”

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