MI Windows is working to satisfy a class-action lawsuit settlement regarding allegations that windows manufactured by the company contain a defect in the glazing tape that cause the windows to prematurely fail, resulting in water intruding into homes.

After extensive negotiations spanning nearly two years, a settlement was reached earlier this year.

The class action settlement relates to allegedly leaking tape-glazed windows manufactured by MIWD between July 1, 2000, and March 31, 2010. The settlement has been approved by the United States District Court for the District of South Carolina. It covers water leakage and damage to windows and property.

According to the miwdtapeglazedwindowsettlement.com website, the agreement was reached to avoid the risks and costs of further litigation. The settlement sets up a process for obtaining relief for the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. MIWD denies all legal claims in the case and does not admit any liability.

The settlement covers the following brands of doors and windows:

  • MI Windows and Doors
  • BetterBilt
  • Bridgewood
  • BrynMawr III
  • Capitol
  • Devon II
  • General Aluminum
  • HomeMaker
  • Insight
  • New Bridge II
  • New Castle III
  • New Castle XT
  • PrimeCel

MI Windows began notifying the public about the settlement in March via direct mailings, ads in Sports Illustrated, National Geographic, Southern Living and People magazines, and online media. MI Windows also set up a website, toll-free phone numbers and mailing addresses.

“Not much has changed since the preliminary approval on February 27 of this year,” says Anthony Matter, the marketing director for MI Windows and Doors. “The settlement continues to progress along the court-approved timeline. An appeal was filed in the summer, but it was dismissed. The claims process is on-going and the judgment is final. Consistent with our commitments, we are satisfied that all qualified claims will be addressed.”

In a statement to WTLV of Jacksonville, Fla., an area that’s reported a large number of allegedly defective MI windows, Matter said, “We saw no need or basis for a class action litigation claim, and the settlement indicates that there has been no finding of fault attributable to MIWD. Unfortunately, the significant costs and uncertainties inherent in the legal process threatened to become a distraction from our efforts to meet the evolving needs of our customers – something we deem essential to both growing our business and providing for our team members.”

To learn more about the lawsuit, click here: www.miwdtapeglazedwindowsettlement.com



  1. I received replacement windows as a participant of this suit and have not been able to contact anyone to install. The contact number I have has a voice mail that is full. Please help.

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