Guardian Glass has sold its business in Russia, which included two glass plants employing approximately 600 people. The purchaser is a private enterprise in the construction industry. Dave Robertson, president and COO of Koch Industries, parent company of Guardian Glass, says the exit strategy maintains the company’s commitment to employee safety while preventing the Russian government from taking control and benefiting from the operations.

Koch Industries called for the shutdown of the two plants in April 2022 as the invasion of Ukraine made continued operations “untenable.” The company condemned Russia’s “actions and aggressions” at the time and continues to do so.

However, employee safety was an ongoing concern. Robertson wrote that float operations would remain open lest the Russian government take control and benefit from the manufacturing facilities.

The company cited The Wall Street Journal in making its decision, as the publication reportedly wrote the Russian government could use manufacturing facilities for its own benefit. At the same time, Robertson said the company would work with its local management team to find an exit strategy that kept employees’ safety in mind.

“As of today, Guardian has responsibly and safely accomplished this—having sold its business in Russia to Vladimir Alexandrovich Voronin, president of FSK Group, a private enterprise in the construction industry,” Robertson announced this week. “This is an outcome facilitated and supported by plant employees and complies with all applicable sanctions, laws and regulations.”

Koch Industries was the only U.S.-based glass company with float operations in Russia.

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