The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) took the feedback from the July 27th, 2021 webinar into consideration and is releasing additional and updated documents regarding the ENERGY STAR Version 7.0 Residential Window, Door, and Skylight Draft 1 Specification. There are two new and two updated documents now posted to the ENERGY STAR Residential Window, Door, and Skylight Version 7.0 Specification Development webpage, available under the “In Development” tab.

The documents now available include slides from the webinar July 27th, 2021 webinar and a new document providing a portion of the savings data spreadsheet with the formulas embedded. The provided formulas apply to all locations and allow interested parties to review and understand the approach that EPA took in calculating energy savings.

The two updated files are Data Packages 3b and 3c, in which the EPA found errors when finalizing a version of the results to post to the website. Upon discovering some of the values in the two static spreadsheet files were copied incorrectly the corrected versions have been updated, though the summary results tables in Data Package 3a were not affected, and this correction does not affect EPA’s conclusions. The error occurred after EPA’s analysis and during the formatting of the files for posting. EPA has posted the corrected versions of these spreadsheet files for stakeholders to review.

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