Milanese Remodeling
by Mark Milanese
June 2nd, 2015

Welcome to Camelot

This is the story of a “virtual” world called the Internet, where all the individuals and businesses who buy from us live. It is a busy place. The people there constantly communicate, socialize and share their lives with one another. They find direction, answers to questions and solutions for problems. They learn everything from how to play guitar to how to change a tire – wherever they are and at any time of day or night. And they shop and they buy there, too …

Your Business is the Kingdom of “Camelot”…

I want you to use your imagination for a moment. Imagine this virtual world exists in the legendary times of King Arthur … Imagine your business as a “kingdom” in this virtual world, a kingdom called “Camelot”.

Your Castle is Your “Website”…

Your website is the virtual-world substitute for the brick-and-mortar building housing your business in the “real” world. Just like in the real world, the challenge is to be found when your customer is ready to buy.

The King in Your Castle is the “Content” in Your Website…

Your king must give visitors to your castle the knowledge, emotion and courage to take the next step in your buying process in the virtual world. The next step might be to buy, schedule an appointment or receive a free brochure, but it is a step out of the virtual world and into the real world … This is the reason for your business to have a presence – a kingdom – in the virtual world; to find your potential customer in the virtual world – where they live and spend their time – and make them a customer.

“But how will the people of the virtual world find my castle?” you might ask. “After all, there are so many kingdoms in the World Wide Web!”  Every great kingdom has a strong queen and a powerful court. The same is true in the virtual world.

Look for my next blog post, “The Queen of Camelot.”

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