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May 28th, 2013

It’s hard to believe, but we have about half of 2013 already in the books. It is finally great to realize that this is the year for revenue and profit growth. The last several years have been challenging for our industry. However, the forecasts and prognostications seem to be accurate and perhaps even a little […]

Perception vs. Reality

Mar 12th, 2013

How good do you think your sales presentation is? All of us “sales types” think we are gregarious and friendly, motivated and understand the customer perfectly. We have done a million presentations so therefore we have to be perfect. Most of us would give ourselves an A+ on our skills. But have you ever videotaped […]

Greg Irving Retires at Soft-Lite; Tyson Schwartz Fills Role

Feb 28th, 2013

Tyson Schwartz has been named vice president of sales and marketing for Soft-Lite LLC in Streetbsoro, Ohio. He replaces Greg Irving who is retiring after more than 33 years in the door and window industry. In his new role, Schwartz will direct the company’s sales expansion and growth, as well as oversee the marketing department. […]

Window Testing and Innovation for 2014

Jan 22nd, 2013

Energy Star is in the process of redefining energy performance criteria and zones for 2014. And it is interesting to look back and see the impact Energy Star has played on our industry. Several years ago, R-values were the common tool measuring the energy efficiency of replacement windows. However, over the years, Energy Star changed […]

What Exactly is the “Cliff”?

Dec 11th, 2012

There has been so much talk lately on the fiscal cliff, but what is it and how will affect us? Basically, the fiscal cliff is a term used to explain that several tax cuts are set to expire on January 1. Fiscal cliff simply is illustrating that consumers will have less money in their ‘pockets’ […]

So, What’s Going to Happen in 2013?

Nov 27th, 2012

Many people have asked my thoughts on what’s going to happen in the replacement window business in 2013. I try to always look at the positive factors we have going for us. The elections are over and to a degree, so are homeowners’ uncertainties. Now, as the politicians from both sides of the aisle start […]

Are Industry Organizations Worth it?

Oct 1st, 2012

I am often asked if getting involved in industry organizations are worth it. This isn’t just a simple yes or no answer. First, you have to decide what’s important to your business. There are many organizations that can be of value to you and your business. From the local chamber of commerce to manufacturers’ consortiums […]

Training … Do We Still Need It?

Sep 6th, 2012

During challenging economic times like we have experienced over the past few years, often the first thing cut is sales training or the sales trainer. Many companies don’t invest in a full time trainer, but often times, training for a day, sales training calls, etc., are either reduced or eliminated. “We need to be out […]

Growth, Commodity … And be Different

Jul 23rd, 2012

Great news! I read another report saying that the window industry can expect a modest recovery at the end of this year and into next year. There is even more optimism that in the next couple of years we will return to our pre-recession sales heights. It’s great to see these types of numbers, again… […]

The Multi-tasker!

Jul 10th, 2012

How many of you are guilty of trying to do a few different things at one time, including having a telephone conversation, and then you get ‘caught’ by the person you are talking with? I am raising my hand – guilty here. In the ever growing field of ‘gadgets,’ and with so many bits of […]

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