Milanese Remodeling

When a Window Dealer Needs to Buy New Windows

Mar 21st, 2017

It is hard for an old dog to learn new tricks, but over the last few years many window-installation companies have been forced to learn a new product line because their existing suppliers have either gone out of business or been bought up by another company. Gorrell, Dove and BF Rich are just a very […]

Body Language for Sales Success

Feb 14th, 2017

Several decades ago, an original “tin man” told me I must learn body language to be a successful salesperson. He taught me the basics of not only how to “read” body language, but also how to “speak” body language to improve my sales skills. I learned that translating and speaking body language is as important […]

Do You Speak “Body Language”?

Jan 4th, 2017

Even if you don’t realize it, you are speaking and listening to body language whenever you interact with another human being. People tell you more about their true feelings and emotions with body language than the spoken word. Our own body language also tells others our own true emotions and feelings — often more truly than […]

Your Nose is Growing!

Nov 21st, 2016

I was watching a politician on TV during the presidential election campaign and I said, “This guy’s gonna tell a whopper!” Guess what? I was right! How did I know he was going to tell a lie? You might think, “Well, he’s a politician. If he’s talking, he’s lying”, but — in this particular case — […]

My Dad’s Ruler

Sep 6th, 2016

In the top drawer of my dad’s desk I found a ruler. It was made of dark wood and had shiny golden letters spelling out the words Dad lived by – “Quality is Remembered Long After Price is Forgotten.” It was many years ago and I was just a child, but I remember going to […]

Wake Up, Rip Van Window …

Aug 2nd, 2016

Do you remember the story of Rip Van Winkle? When Old Rip woke up years after taking a nap, he had a long beard, his nagging wife was dead, the Revolutionary War was over and he had to change his allegiance from King George of England to George Washington. What if a man who specialized in […]

A Post by Any Other Name …

Jul 19th, 2016

My company, Milanese Remodeling, has over 1,000 fans following my Facebook for Business page. I create and publish Facebook “posts” on my Facebook page to communicate with existing clients and to meet new clients. For anyone who is not familiar with Facebook, a “post” is how Facebook users communicate with each other. A post can […]

How Many Friends Do You Really Have?

Jun 17th, 2016

How many Facebook friends does your business have? If you answered more than zero, your business is doing Facebook all wrong. That’s not to say your business shouldn’t be on Facebook. Quite the contrary… Virtually every business should be on Facebook. Although a business should be active on Facebook, a business Facebook “page” should NOT […]

Brand to the Bone

May 23rd, 2016

Although I’ve written about 100 blogs for DWM during the past few years, I’ve never recommended readers to buy anything. Until now… Any business owners who wants to grow their business should get their hands on a copy of a book written by Jack Sims called Brand to the Bone. Over 25 years ago, I was fortunate enough […]

A Happy Marriage

May 17th, 2016

Marketing and sales go together like love and marriage or a horse and carriage. Love must be true, not blind, for a marriage to succeed. Marketing must be true for sales to profit. The horse must go in front of the cart to get anywhere. Marketing must precede sales to get business going in the […]

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