Dealer Keys to Success

Feeding the Digital Marketing Machine

Oct 1st, 2019

Most of you remember one of the most famous baseball movies of all time: “Field of Dreams.” Surely you remember one of its all-time famous lines, which says, “If you build it, they will come.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t actually work that way in the digital marketing space; it’s more like, “Just because you built it […]

Digital Marketing for Door and Window Pros

Sep 10th, 2019

This month we’re starting a soup-to-nuts series about digital marketing for those of us in the doors and windows business. Over the next few months we’ll get down and dirty on specific topics and ways to “do” digital marketing, but this time we’ll focus on the “what is…” and some fundamentals that we need to […]

I Want it Now

Aug 1st, 2019

Understanding that the Millennial generation represents a huge opportunity for our dealer partners, I spend a lot of time trying to gain insight into their thought processes and buying habits. In the process, one of the things that I read a lot about includes the concept of “delayed gratification.” While this isn’t just the purview […]

Product Quality Doesn’t Matter

Jul 8th, 2019

It’s another bold statement. But, like it or not, in a customer’s mind the quality of a product doesn’t matter one bit. Until, that is, the salesperson does what we’re going to talk about in this month’s article. Once again, the intention is: helping to make salespeople great again. I don’t own a motorhome yet, […]

Earn Premium Prices Every Time

Jun 5th, 2019

We’ll start today’s article with a couple of rhetorical questions: Do you want to get paid more for your window and door products? And do you want to do this every time you close a deal? Well, of course you do. As the effects of higher margins spill over into virtually every area of business, […]

Feature/Benefit Selling Is Dead

May 1st, 2019

Far and away the biggest response that we got to my initial post in this series “Making Salespeople Great Again,” was the statement we made about feature/benefit selling being dead. I get it. For many of us “old timers” in the game of selling, that statement flies in the face of some of the most […]

Why Can’t I Close Like I Used To?

Apr 2nd, 2019

Why do you think that the industry’s average closing percentage has dropped so much over the last five to 10 years? While there are many possible answers to that question, I think one of the biggest reasons includes the fact that the quality of the leads these days is so much better. Sounds kind of […]

The Leads Stink …

Mar 6th, 2019

“The leads are no good,” says just about every home improvement salesperson at least once in his or her career. For me (yes, including me), this was almost always an excuse I’d use when I was in a slump, rather than looking in the mirror for more legitimate answers. I think this is a great […]

Making Salespeople Great Again

Feb 6th, 2019

I cut my teeth in the home improvement business many moons ago, selling gutters and gutter protection. Over the course of my career, I’ve also had the privilege of working for and with some of the best sales professionals that you’ll find. As we enter 2019, I want to spend some time sharing the things […]

Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever

Jan 2nd, 2019

Some prognosticators are predicting slower growth among remodeling projectsin 2019. Additionally, there are those who believe that we can’t sustain the  economic growthwe established in 2018. Time for hand-wringing and woe is me thinking? Of course not, right? You’ve entered 2019 with a fully fleshed out home improvement marketing plan that helps to focus your […]

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