Dealer Keys to Success

Everything Has Changed

Apr 1st, 2020

Since we last visited, what hasn’t changed? Our businesses and our lives have been affected in ways that most of us never imagined. While many of our dealer partners report business as usual, of course many have been plagued by cancelled appointments and installs that are an inescapable part of the social distancing and shelter […]

Lead Them to Water

Mar 4th, 2020

You’ve cracked the code to feeding your digital marketing machine via all the different types of website traffic. Each month you see increasing numbers of visitors to your website. But what doesn’t seem to be growing each month is the number of leads you get from the digital marketing efforts made for your home improvement […]

The Scariest Type of Traffic Generation

Feb 10th, 2020

We’ve been walking through the various types of traffic you can generate to feed your digital marketing efforts. In the process, we’ve looked at direct traffic, referral traffic and organic traffic. As promised, we’ll complete our current discussion with a look at what many home improvement pros consider the most intimidating way to generate traffic: […]

The Key to Explosive Growth

Jan 8th, 2020

After an incredible 2019, we’re planning for another year of expansive growth that will be fueled in large by the growth in our dealer-partners’ businesses. Are you planning for growth in 2020? Today, we’ll take the next step surrounding our first set of topics about successful digital marketing by talking about the most important website […]

The Ultimate Referral

Dec 4th, 2019

We all know that one of the keys to being successful in the door and window business is to create a homeowner experience that encourages referrals. Did you know that there’s a type of referral that can lead to even more business for your home improvement company that doesn’t come from homeowners? As we work […]

To Know Me is to Love Me: Direct Traffic Considerations

Nov 6th, 2019

“To know my company is to love my company.” Managing your company’s reputation is something that I know that you invest a lot of time, effort and money in. Often times it’s just anecdotally that you can see the results. One of the best measures for the health of your home improvement business and your […]

Feeding the Digital Marketing Machine

Oct 1st, 2019

Most of you remember one of the most famous baseball movies of all time: “Field of Dreams.” Surely you remember one of its all-time famous lines, which says, “If you build it, they will come.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t actually work that way in the digital marketing space; it’s more like, “Just because you built it […]

Digital Marketing for Door and Window Pros

Sep 10th, 2019

This month we’re starting a soup-to-nuts series about digital marketing for those of us in the doors and windows business. Over the next few months we’ll get down and dirty on specific topics and ways to “do” digital marketing, but this time we’ll focus on the “what is…” and some fundamentals that we need to […]

I Want it Now

Aug 1st, 2019

Understanding that the Millennial generation represents a huge opportunity for our dealer partners, I spend a lot of time trying to gain insight into their thought processes and buying habits. In the process, one of the things that I read a lot about includes the concept of “delayed gratification.” While this isn’t just the purview […]

Product Quality Doesn’t Matter

Jul 8th, 2019

It’s another bold statement. But, like it or not, in a customer’s mind the quality of a product doesn’t matter one bit. Until, that is, the salesperson does what we’re going to talk about in this month’s article. Once again, the intention is: helping to make salespeople great again. I don’t own a motorhome yet, […]

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