Beyond the Label

Why Windows Matter – Windows, Mental Health, and the Fenestration Industry

Aug 23rd, 2022

Ironically, writing this blog post has been trickier than the others because it’s the topic with the most research behind it. It also makes the most sense since no one gets excited about the idea of sitting in a windowless room for any time –barring those requiring it, of course, like movie theaters. But while […]

Why Windows Matter — Modern Windows are Better for the Skin

Jun 17th, 2022

This year, we’ve been talking a lot about Why Windows Matter. NFRC has an ongoing campaign centered around it, to combat the notion that fewer or smaller windows are the answer to energy efficiency. As we’ve seen so far, this short-sighted “solution” doesn’t account for a host of benefits from windows, including occupant comfort, the […]

Addressing Comfort with Why Windows Matter

May 20th, 2022

In the last couple of years, one of the main trends noticed in construction circles is the importance of comfort for building occupants. This trend has been incorporated into discussions regarding energy efficiency as well, as personal comfort is a way to get those who aren’t otherwise concerned about energy efficiency to move in that […]

Why Windows Matter #2 – Why Ratings Matter

Apr 14th, 2022

In my last blog submission, I wrote about windows being invisible – by that, I meant the tendency to look through or past them rather than at them and their unique qualities and contributions to better buildings. Our industry faces another challenge – conveying the value of windows, doors, or skylights to a public who […]

Is it Time to Remind People that Windows Aren’t Optional?

Feb 8th, 2022

We work in an invisible field. All the science and advancements in the fenestration industry are to make products as energy efficient as possible – while also being as unnoticeable as possible. People want the benefits of a wall but the views, ventilation, daylighting, and other advantages of an open space. People notice when the […]

Beyond the Label: 1989 — Setting the Stage for NFRC in 2022

Jan 10th, 2022

Before we can look to the future, I think it’s important to look back to the beginning – not just for a refresher on the path taken but also for a check on the path forward. It’s also not a bad idea to remind our various stakeholders why we exist. Now that the National Fenestration […]

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Get Involved with NFRC

Dec 13th, 2021

Despite 2021 being a year of online meetings and missed connections with colleagues in person, the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) succeeded in laying the groundwork for new and improved programs, engaged members, and increased dialogue within the industry. As plans develop for more in-person meetings, as well as continued online meetings, now is a […]

NFRC Meeting Touts Collaboration to Reduce Energy Use in Homes, Buildings

Nov 5th, 2021

Our Fall Membership Virtual Meeting wrapped up October 27, after three days focused on networking, emerging technologies, and the future of the fenestration industry. With record registrations, meeting attendees stayed engaged and participated even in an online environment. The discussion included a report on the state of the commercial fenestration market in the U.S., the […]

NFRC Figures Prominently at Miami’s Energy Expo

Aug 30th, 2021

The National Fenestration Rating Council’s (NFRC) staff and board demonstrated the value of teamwork during the recent Energy Expo, when they collaborated to educate a diverse group of the organization’s stakeholders. NFRC board member Daniel Huard delivered the event’s keynote address, which was held at the Miami International Airport Convent Center, August 25 and 26. […]

New Partnership Puts Windows at Center of Energy-Efficiency Campaign

Jun 30th, 2021

I’m thrilled to share that the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) has joined a new public-private alliance called the Partnership for Advanced Windows Solutions (PAWS), to speed up the mass adoption of energy-efficient windows and attachments. The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, the organization leading this initiative, convened a meeting with potential partners to discuss strategies […]

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