New Line of Vinyl Casement Windows from American Weather Seal

The new line of Excel Casement windows by American Weather Seal of Orrville, Ohio, is built with a strong frame, new hardware, a beveled sash and continuous head and sill.

The casement window features a beveled sash resulting in less vinyl being visible from the exterior. An integral nail fin and built-in J-channel adds to a colonial brickmold look, along with applied extension jambs to 4 9/16- or 6 9/16-inch for new construction. New Truth Encore hardware with a removable cover and nesting handle is standard on all new Excel casement windows.

Suitable for new construction, replacement or remodeling, the window achieves a C-C50 performance rating. A multi-point locking system contributes to the window's strength as well as increased security. Glass options include EnergyWise low-e or EnergyWise low-e triple, tempered or laminated glass. The new window, when used in multiples, eliminates mull joints by using a common head and sill along with a narrow integral mullion.

The Excel casement is available in white, sandalwood or clay for new construction. Replacement and remodeling colors include white or sandalwood, either with a wood grain laminate interior of light or dark oak, along with a bronze exterior and white interior option. Grille options include flat and sculptured between-the-glass, split color grilles, brass pencil grilles and simulated divided lites.

In addition, AWS has added TruWARM™ Super Spacer™ to its line of triple insulating glass.

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