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Win-door Receives Economic Forecast, Plans for Next Year and Awards “Best Booth”

The CWDMA held a meeting on Thursday, November 15.

Win-door North America 2007 wrapped up yesterday after three days in Toronto at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre’s North Hall to rave reviews from exhibitors who noted the quality of customers on-hand. During the show, the Canadian Window and Door Manufacturers Association (CWDMA) welcomed Julie Taylor, senior economist and market analyst for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., to provide an economic outlook for the industry in both Canada and the United States.

Despite recent concerns about the U.S. economy, Taylor had a favorable outlook.

“We’ve actually seen some recent GDP [gross domestic product] economics numbers and they’ve been quite strong,” she said.
However, she noted that consumers in the United States still appear concerned.

“Consumer spending seems to be slipping a little in the [United States],” she said.

For Canada, she noted that employment particularly is at a near-record high.

“This is really boosting consumer confidence in our economy,” she said.

Attendees await the Win-door opening ceremony on Tuesday, November 13.

She expects short-term interest rates also to remain stable in 2008—despite several recent changes in interest rates.

While many have noted (particularly throughout the show) that Canada’s housing market has remained steady and has not seen the slowdown that the U.S. market has, she expects 2008 to be a different story.

“We’re expecting starts to slow down next year,” Taylor said.

Afterwards, the CWDMA held a membership meeting during which Tony Hall of Dashwood Industries Ltd. provided a positive review of the group’s financials.

“The association is in excellent financial shape,” he said. “We’ve budgeted a breakeven for the year.”

He noted the financial committee is still in the process of completing the 2008 budget.

Following, Michel Bastarache provided a technical update, noting that the group is working on reviewing the recommendations for the group’s latest Canadian Energy Star® proposal and a self-flashing sill issue in Alberta, Canada.

Bob Latour provided an education update, pointing out that with Win-door 2007 nearly over, the group’s focus would be moving toward the CWDMA’s spring meeting, which will be held at Le Manoir Richelieu in Charlevoix, Quebec, May 29-31, 2008.

Matt Kottke of Truth Hardware, chair of the Win-door committee, also discussed future plans for the show.

“Win-door again is doing very well,” he said. He also has a good outlook for next year, noting that in years when GlassBuild America (GBA) is held on the East Coast (this year it was in Atlanta, and next year it’s scheduled for Las Vegas), the show tends to be a bit busier—both with attendees and exhibitors.

“[The Las Vegas location for GBA] will possibly encourage a few more machinery people [to exhibit at Win-door],” he said.

Several in the audience offered suggestions, such as moving the show to another location, such as Montreal, Quebec, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Calgary, Alberta, or Vancouver, British Columbia. Kottke noted that research has shown that Calgary and Vancouver are quite expensive for shows, and that typically West Coast shows don’t fare very well.

“Toronto is one of the best places to have a convention,” he said, noting that there are 60 million people in the Toronto area, and the convention center in the city actually provides the show with very economical, low rates for meeting there.

One attendee suggested making the show bi-annual. Kottke said he’d take this suggestion, along with the others provided, back to the show committee.

As the show came to a close yesterday, CWDMA recognized Novatech with the James Parker Best Booth Award. The award, which in the past has gone to companies such as Urban, Thermoplast, ODL and Resiver, is based on several factors, according to CWDMA committee member Henry Banman of All-Weather Windows, who presented the award.

“First, there’s the ‘wow’ factor,” he said. “When you walk up to a booth, is it ‘wow, what a display’?”
Likewise, openness and attraction of the booth come into play, along with signage and visible material to present the products on display.

“Do I see what these people are all about instantly?” asked Banman.

Use of space is also important, but the final factor—and most important—Banman noted was the people factor, including how welcoming and how helpful booth attendants were.

Novatech won 23 out of 25 available points for its booth, which was filled with doors and a focus on the NovaSecure door. The door, which is equipped with a 3-point locking mechanism and beveled top and bottom anchor points, is available with an acrylic glass laminate for burglar resistance. Likewise, the door is equipped with striker plates for its frame with a cam effect, which keeps the door pressed against the weatherstripping.

Banman noted that while Novatech came in first, he’d like to in the future offer an award for small booths and an award for larger booths, rather than having all the booths compete in one contest. Likewise, he noted that had a second and third place been awarded, it would have been a multiple-way tie, as all were so close in the runnings.

For products introduced at Win-door 2007, please see the upcoming December issue of Door and Window Manufacturer magazine.

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