ViWinTech Donates Truckload of Supplies to Katrina Survivors and Responders

Vinyl Window Technologies, or ViWinTech, of Paducah, Ky., recently loaded up one of its 53-foot tractor trailers and donated a driver to deliver much needed goods to Hurricane Katrina survivors and responders in Jackson, Miss. The 400-mile trip resulted in the donation of a truckload of 300 health kits including toiletry items, 100 flood buckets with cleaning supplies, water, clothes and bibles.

ViWinTech partnered with United Methodist Churches in the Paducah District on this effort. ViWinTech owner Pete Brown and his wife Joretta Brown collaborated to bring her idea of sending supplies to survivors with his company's ability to transport and support the effort.

Volunteers from the United Methodist Churches and ViWinTech employees gathered nearly $7,000 worth of supplies to load up the truck. On September 13, the driver made the journey to Jackson where the supplies were distributed through the United Methodist District in that community.

"I have always had a heart for those that are in need of help. Through the company, we had access to trucks and trailers. So, I thought what a neat idea to give. I talked with my husband and we put it all together," explained Joretta Brown.

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