New Thinking Creates Lineal Optimization Savings

MAX-Opt, a new lineal optimization module developed by FeneTech Inc. of Aurora, Ohio, combines flexibility with patent-pending methodology to enable additional material cost savings for door and window manufacturers of three to five percent, according to the company. The new product can be used as a stand-alone program or as a module integrated into almost any fenestration automation software.

Standard optimizers can optimize only within one batch, yet multiple batches per shift are schedule are common. Additionally, standard optimizers cannot balance labor and material costs simultaneously or evaluate individual pieces distinctly within a schedule or range of batches.

MAX-Opt is based on algorithms that enable window companies to reduce scrap for high cost materials and reduce labor for low cost items. For some items, operators are able to reduce cuts and scrap. The program can be configured based on an individual item once or customized for each schedule.

The program can also group common parts across window types, cut multiple pieces at a time-if a saw allows-and to split parts if it increases yield.

According to the company, the implementation of the application can be done with in one week.

MAX-Opt works on a standalone basis and with all other fenestration manufacturing applications.

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