Heated Glass Has a New Name: Thermique Technologies LLC

Chicago-based Engineered Glass Products (EGP) has announced that a brand new wholly-owned subsidiary, Thermique Technologies LLC, will take control of all heated glass projects, products and technologies. Thermique Technologies will concentrate on the development, sales and marketing of Thermique™ heated glass, allowing EGP to remain focused on its core business of heat-reflective glass in kitchen appliances.

Thermique™ heated glass is a proprietary technology developed by EGP to uniformly heat a pane of glass with precise control. The creation of Thermique Technologies as a separate company is designed to streamline the operations of both companies for greater efficiency and customer service.

Patrick Earley, chief financial officer of EGP, has assumed the role of chief executive officer at Thermique Technologies. Earley will bring with him Peter Gerhardinger, who led the engineering team that developed Thermique heated glass. He will serve as chief technology officer.

"We have developed a technology that is entirely new and revolutionary," said Earley. "Thermique glass has countless advantages over competing sources of radiant heating-including efficiency, style, convenience, simplicity and attractiveness. The range of applications for this new technology is almost limitless."

Thermique Technologies is developing commercial heated architectural windows for the home and office. It is also being incorporated into low-E window units. The interior lite of a dual pane window unit is electrically heated in order to augment traditional heating systems and prevent cold temperatures from creeping in from outside during cold weather. Heated windows can eliminate chilly spots in a room, prevent uncomfortable drafts, reduce energy bills and stop condensation from forming on the glass.

Thermique™ technology works by safely conducting an electrical current across a specially coated pane of glass. The electrical resistance of the glass causes it to heat up uniformly across the entire surface, and a proprietary control module allows the user to adjust the glass temperature with precise control. All Thermique™ components are UL® listed, while the towel warmer and architectural window units are UL® approved.

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