TDCI Expands BuyDesign® Sales and Configuration Software Solution

TDCI Inc. of Columbus, Ohio, has announced an expansion of its BuyDesign® Internet-based sales and configuration software solution. With new applications for 'interest capture' and 'requirements capture' to complement existing applications for multi-level sales channel quote and order management and self-service end-customer sales, BuyDesign now provides support for the full 'interest-to-order' cycle for highly configurable products sold through both in-direct and direct sales channels.

New capabilities for dynamic generation of 2D CAD, 3D CAD and rendered images further automate and streamline the sales process, according to information provided by the company. In addition, a new distributed implementation capability allows companies to deploy BuyDesign with a combination of integrated online, workgroup and desktop applications that support all channels with a centrally managed repository of product and pricing data.
With the addition of new applications, BuyDesign now consists of the following components:

  • Quote and order management: BuyDesign Channel Sales and BuyDesign Storefront;
  • Interest capture: BuyDesign Build-Your-Own and BuyDesign Virtual Catalog;
  • Requirements capture: BuyDesign Spec-In, AutoCAD edition;
  • Product configuration: BuyDesign Configurator;
  • Product visualization: BuyDesign Flex2D, BuyDesign Flex3D, and BuyDesign FlexRender;
  • Distributed system management: BuyDesign InTouch; and
  • Enterprise integration: BuyDesign Integrator and BuyDesign Web Services.

"Manufacturers of highly configurable products are looking for more ways to generate end-customer preference for their products, and for better ways to serve everyone in their demand chain," said Mike Wilson, vice president of product management and marketing. "We're hearing more and more companies tell us they want to focus on simplifying each phase of the selling process to become 'easy to do business with' at all levels. And they're starting to deploy multi-faceted solutions like BuyDesign to help do that."

BuyDesign's Internet-centric design enables a manufacturer to offer any combination of 24x7 online access and distributed, synchronized applications to best support all levels of their demand chain, including dealers and distributors, direct sales people, specifiers and end customers. All of these capabilities are integrated with each other, and share common underlying tools for product configuration and visualization. And they all work with a single centrally managed product and pricing information repository. Distributed data and software are kept continually synchronized with automatic updates via the Internet.

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