"Housing Solutions Summit" Set for September 29th and 30th

To assist the thousands of New Orleans residents considering their return home and their options for housing, City Council president Oliver Thomas, the Home Builders Association and several professional associations and non-profit groups have organized a signature event to provide local citizens with answers to their housing questions.

The Housing Solutions Summit will take place September 29th and 30th at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. Free and open to the public, the special housing summit will feature national and local experts who will provide detailed guidance and information on the rebuilding process. A cross section of the state, city and parish agencies will be on hand to provide answers to housing and rebuilding concerns. The summit is designed to provide information on financing, planning construction and energy savings. Attendees will be able to get answers about the "Road Home" program, as well as local, state and federal regulations and assistance programs. Featuring a broad range of workshops, panels and exhibitors, the summit will be an invaluable resource for homeowners, landlords, renters, contractors, businesses and other interested parties.

Councilman Thomas described the event as, "The place to get answers for your housing questions. We have assembled every conceivable resource, both private and public, to be able to help people make the decision to come home and have a place to live."

Entergy New Orleans president Dan Packer adds, "We have received tremendous cooperation from the state and city. I want to especially than Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin, both of whom will be on hand to welcome the conference attendees. Entergy New Orleans is completely focused on helping our people back home. We need a broad base of customers to make energy affordable to all New Orleanians."

For more information, call 866/409-4266.

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