Silver Line® Employees Support Rebuilding Together Boston

Volunteers from Silver Line's New England manufacturing facility recently in New Brunswick, N.J., joined with Rebuilding Together Boston in late April to revitalize eight Boston, Mass. homes, which had fallen into great disrepair due to owner hardships.

During the course of the event, the Silver Line team supplied more than 120 man-hours to repair the home of Dan Pollard and his family. This effort included the replacement of nearly 25 badly-worn, single-pane windows with an equal number of Silver Line energy-efficient, double-hung replacement windows, which were also donated to the Pollards by the company. Additional services entailed scraping and painting the entire two-story home as well as landscaping its front, rear and side lawns.

At the conclusion of the workday, Steve Sousa, a Rebuilding Together board member, recognized the Silver Line team for being among the hardest working, most energetic, and most productive group of volunteers that he has seen in his 12-year history with Rebuilding Together.

Rebuilding Together is the nation's largest all-volunteer home rehabilitation organization. Its mission is to preserve and revitalize houses and communities, assuring that low-income homeowners, from the elderly and disabled to families with children, live in warmth and safety. In 2006 alone, the organization coordinated the efforts of nearly 270,000 volunteers to rehabilitate 8,900 houses and non-profit facilities located in 1,879 cities across the nation.

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