Window Safety Week Raises Awareness

The National Safety Council (NSC) Window Safety Task Force has designated April 24-30, 2005 as National Window Safety Week. The last week in April coincides with spring, the time of year when homeowners begin to open their windows. It is a reminder that open windows can pose a fall hazard to unsupervised, young children.

The NSC's Window Safety Task Force is compromised of representatives from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, the Window and Door Manufacturers Association, the Screen Manufacturers Association and the National Association of Home Builders, to educate about window and door safety.

The task force says to keep windows closed and locked when young children are present, and never place furniture such as beds, sofas and chairs below windows. It is also important to remember that insect screens are intended to keep insects out; they are not designed or intended to keep children from falling out of windows.

NSC reminds us that windows can provide a life-saving avenue of escape from a fire, and should be included in home emergency escape plans. It is critical that children are taught how to properly use a window for escape and rescue purposes.

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