Roto i-Lock™ Offers Automatic Locking, Flexibility and Balance

The Roto-i-Lock™, a new sliding window sash lock from Roto Frank of America Inc. in Chester, Conn., offers greater installation flexibility and improved balance over standard window locks, according to the company.

The hardware has an automatic latching and retention feature, which makes it easy to determine if the window is locked or unlocked. To unlock the window, users simply pull the button toward them into the unlocked position and the button indicates that the window is unlocked. The sash is now ready to be moved into the open position. Moving the sash into the open position will allow the lock to reset itself automatically into a position where it is ready to self-lock. To close the window, the user moves the sash into the closed position and the lock automatically secures the window.

For greater durability, i-Lock's internal mechanism has two retention clips and two springs. In addition, its latch is positioned in the center of the lock for maximum balance.

"Some customers indicated that the sliding window locks that they had been using were not offering the look or performance that they needed," says Greg Koch, president and chief executive officer of Roto Frank of America. "To address these issues we applied our experience and insight, ultimately making a product that's more effective, more intuitive--thus the named i-Lock."

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