Research Shows Interior Doors Add to Perception of Home

New research conducted by Philos Consulting LLC on behalf of the Interior Door Replacement Company (IDRC) validates that stylish, interior doors refresh the homeowners' general outlook on life.

According to Philos' research, homeowners who replaced their old doors with new ones experienced "a renewed pride and love of their home."

"We were pleasantly surprised with the information the research uncovered about our customers and how our services have impacted their lifestyles," said Dave Winter, chief executive officer of IDRC. "What we found is that some of our customers call on our services simply because they know their old doors are outdated, but many of them are also motivated by a lifestyle change, such as moving into a new home, the birth of a child or their children leaving for college. The research from our consulting firm also showed us that our customers are often surprised how our doors transform and rejuvenate their entire homes and personal lives."

Gathering information from extensive market research surveying 5,500 previous IDRC customers, as well as a group of customers surveyed by a consumer psychologist, IDRC learned that its customers experienced a marked increase in the pride of their homes once they replaced their doors, leading to a renewed attitude and lifestyle changes.

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