PLV Systems Provides Service for Auditing Material Quality

PLV Systems Inc. of Concord, Ontario, has begun to make available a new service that provides an incoming material quality audit and analysis service for the door and window manufacturing industry.

The service begins by working with the door and window manufacturer, and when possible the supplier of the extruded profiles, to identify material orientations used in the manufacturing process. These orientations are then translated into an electronic measurement specification that can measure an incoming extruded cross section. The incoming material is measured as it is received on an automated measurement system (provided as part of the service) in approximately 15 to 20 seconds per profile. The timeframe over which to run the audit may be determined by the manufacturer, according to PLV Systems.

Following the audit period, a report of the dimensional characteristics of the material audited is generated. The report is used as a guideline to identify the areas of dimensional variance causing production disruptions. It is at this point a dialogue with the supplier may be required to identify areas in the original material specifications that may need to be updated to improve the incoming material.

According to a company news release, the industry generally incurs a loss of 4 to 6 percent of available production, due to incoming material variations. The availability of a service means that a door and window company does not have to make the commitment to purchase measurement equipment-and provide the training and support staff to run an extensive quality control department-to achieve benefits in reducing production downtime. Based on annual sales of $20 million per year, the company says that a door and window manufacturer can save $200,000 per year with its service.

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