NFRC Seeks Industry Cooperation on Non-Residential Activities; GANA and IGMA Accept Offer

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) has invited the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) and the Glass Association of North America (GANA) to participate in board activities relevant to its nonresidential program. NFRC says it hopes this offer will help bridge the gaps among industry stakeholders, bring the industry together and improve communications and relations between it, as an organization, and the commercial glass industry. NFRC has also asked that IGMA and GANA reciprocate by inviting NFRC to attend their board meetings when discussing relevant issues.

"While NFRC firmly believes in the Component Modeling Program and its benefits, we recognize that the fenestration industry must work together not only in this effort, but also in many others for the good of the entire fenestration industry," said Jim Benney, NFRC's executive director. "The partisan politics and self-interests have so fragmented this industry that its capacity to promote its own interests at local, state and federal levels has been significantly reduced. One example was its inability to increase essential funding in the Windows and Daylighting budget at the U.S. Department of Energy."

GANA has announced that it has accepted the invitation to expand its participation in the proposed nonresidential program activities. Effective immediately, GANA will also be participating in NFRC board and committee activities that specifically regard the nonresidential initiative and the Component Modeling Program.

"We are pleased to be able to increase our participation in the NFRC debate about these issues," said Stanley Smith, executive vice president of GANA. "As an organization, GANA represents the top manufacturers, fabricators and glaziers in the country, and we are dedicated to promoting energy efficient fenestration products in North America. On behalf of our members and their customers, we are sincerely interested in developing an efficient, reliable and affordable energy rating system, and we look forward to working with the NFRC toward this goal."

On March 6, IGMA announced its acceptance of the invitation extended by NFRC. In response to NFRC's request for reciprocal participation, IGMA has offered NFRC a position on its technical services committee, similar to those held by AAMA, CWDMA and WDMA. Technical matters are discussed and determined by the IGMA membership specifically through the technical services committee with broader input provided by the membership through meetings and regular communication channels. This would provide NFRC with the opportunity to participate directly in the committee discussions, rather than only as an observer and provide direct input on key technical matters.

"IGMA as the organization representing the North American commercial and residential certified insulating glass industry welcomes the opportunity to increase our participation, and provide direct communication to the NFRC board of directors in developing a new rating system for commercial products, which will promote energy efficiency in a cost-effective and streamlined manner that works for the public and all industry stakeholders," said Margaret Webb, IGMA executive director.

NFRC says it also intends to invite other interested organizations to work together on this effort, including public interest groups such as architects, utilities and code officials.

NFRC recently committed to the state of California to complete its Component Modeling Program. California needs the program as a code compliance tool for its Title 24 standards. To achieve the necessary timetables, it will require considerable cooperation and effort and NFRC is looking to both IGMA and GANA for help with this program development.

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