Inaugural Door Newsletter Addresses Industry Issues

A newsletter designed to keep door manufacturers and building code officials up to date with technical issues related to door performance, has been launched by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) Door Council, and is now available to interested parties.

"The goal of this annual newsletter is to communicate door-related technical, regulatory, legislative, marketing and certification activities to help assure that appropriate standards are established and maintained," stated Val Brushaber of Weather Shield Mfg. Inc., and first vice president of the AAMA Door Council.

According to Brushaber, the Door Council has an important obligation to support AAMA membership by communicating the association's stance on key issues to members and related door trade associations.

The premier issue of the newsletter covers topics such as a study by the Florida Building Commission on hurricane-related water infiltration and recommended test changes for windows and doors; new door standards that are taking the center stage in the code arena; recent outreach activities between AAMA and the Association of Millwork Distributors; and other code changes that impact door manufacturers and pre-hangers.

For a copy of the newsletter, contact Angela Dickson at or visit the AAMA website

In addition, AAMA has also released a white paper entitled Storm-Driven Rain Penetration of Windows and Doors.
In the aftermath of tropical storms and hurricanes, questions have been raised by some residents who experienced wind-driven rain leaking through or around their windows and doors that otherwise remained unbroken and structurally intact during these extraordinary events. The paper provides information to homeowners, distributors and builders as well as code officials regarding water penetration during severe wind-driven rain storms.

To request a hard copy of this document, contact Jennifer Templeman at or 847-303-5859, ext. 261.

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