Your Vote Needed to Determine This Year's Winner of the DWM/USGlass Magazine Staff Costume Contest

The fourth annual Key Communications Inc. Halloween Costume Contest was held on Friday, October 20, 2006, but the decision of who wins the contest is in your hands. Many staffers of Key Communications Inc., publisher of DWM and USGlass magazines, and the associated e-mail newsletters, arrived to work in costume and it's up to our readers to select who will win an extra week of vacation in 2006.

The contenders are:

Holly Biller posing as Howie Mandell and asking you "Deal, or No Deal?" where an extra week of vacation for her is concerned (she even carried Purell hand sanitizer);

Graphic designer Dawn Campbell, channeling her inner child and came as Raggedy Ann;

Erin Harris, production assistant and company registrar, hopping to have everyone saying "Holy Cow!" over her Holy Cow costume;

Megan Headley, editor of Mold and Moisture Management magazine and contributing editor to both USGlass and AGRR magazines, the personification of a S'more - and brought some for her coworkers, too;

Webmaster Bryan Hovey, doing his best impression of Angus Young, the AC/DC guitarist;

Janeen Mulligan, customer relation manager, looking "grave" as the corpse bride;

Brigid O'Leary, customer relations assistant and resident Wonder Woman for the day (and who left her lasso of truth at home);

Web assistant Chris Rinderknecht, who had staff running scared as Mike Myers;

The ever-peaceful Penny Stacey, showing her inner hippie; and

Tara Taffera, editor of Door and Window Manufacturer magazine and contributing editor for USGlass and AGRR magazines, as the Wizard of Oz scarecrow, with her younger daughter as Dorothy.

CLICK HERE to cast your vote for your favorite DWM/USGlass staff member costume. The staff member with the most votes will receive an extra week of vacation in 2007. The person with the second most number of votes receives two extra days vacation and the person with the third most number of votes gets an extra day off next year. Voting will run through midday Friday, November 3.

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