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"Green": Manufacturers, Tell Us What you Don't Do

By now, all DWM readers have seen our coverage of green building in the February 2007 issue. The article focused on those who utilize green-building practices. These are big name companies including Weather Shield, Pella and Masonite. But what about the thousands of remaining door and window manufacturers in existence?

An employee at an Atlanta, Ga.-based window manufacturing plant who did not want to be identified for that article told us that recycling and earth-friendly practices are not a high priority.

"We have our scrap vinyl picked up by another company, but that's about it," the employee says. "I hope it gets recycled, but I don't know."

I'd love to talk to you about why you don't incorporate "green-building" practices into your products or plants. No judgments would be made. Maybe you would like to but just can't afford it due to the costs involved and the state of the housing market today. Maybe you don't know where to start?

On the flip side, maybe manufacturers will call or e-mail with examples of what practices they do incorporate into their plants and products to make them "green," or how they work with builders to incorporate "green building" into a home.

The challenge is on. One way or the other I'd love to hear from you regarding this growing trend. E-mail me at

Tara Taffera

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