Great Lakes Window® Earns an ENERGY STAR® Rating

Great Lakes Window of Toledo, Ohio, has earned an ENERGY STAR® certification by the U.S. Department of Energy for its energy-efficient products including double- and triple-glazed door and window units with low-E and gas-filled warm-edge Intercept® glass.

"The ENERGY STAR name is highly recognized and well regarded by today's homeowners, who make up the majority of our demographic," said Ralph Pfeiffer, director of marketing for Great Lakes Window. "The fact that our individual product brands, including UniFrame®, PlyGem LifestylesTM, SeabrookeTM, Bayshore™ and GrandViewTM, all have received ENERGY STAR recognition says a lot about the thermal properties they provide. And this performance will lead to lower utility bills for the homeowner."

Although all of the company's products meet the Northern Energy Zone requirements with optional glass packs and are NFRC-certified, many of the premium products manufactured by the company have U-factors under .20, offering homeowners even greater thermal performance and value, according to the company.

"Energy efficiency is paramount to all other concerns homeowners have about their windows," said Mark Watson, president of Great Lakes Window. "We continue to raise our standards as technology progresses in order to meet these needs. Great Lakes Window is committed to providing the consumer with cutting-edge products that decrease utility costs and increase the overall value of their home."

The energy-efficient performance of a Great Lakes Window product begins with the uiPVC frames, manufactured for superior strength and durability. The frames include multi-chambered extrusion designs as well as Fiberbeam® reinforcements to add protection against flexing and ensure maximum thermal performance. These reinforcements are strong as steel, but will not conduct cold like metal. And with patented R-Core® insulation to surround the Fiberbeam reinforcements and fill the chambers, the products provide frame R-factors up to 20.

Energy performance is enhanced even further with the Maxuus® 10 insulating glass system, optional with many of the company's products. Maxuus 10 delivers the ultimate triple-glazed energy efficiency by combining two panes of vacuum-deposition low-E glass with an interior glass substrate and two insulation chambers of krypton gas.

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