GE Plastics Intensifies Efforts to Leap-Frog Creation of Next-Gen Applications

GE Plastics says it is aggressively beefing up the capabilities of its Global Application Technology (GApT) organization to deliver next-generation materials solutions to customers around the world. At its facilities around the globe the company is investing millions in new equipment, machinery and technical customer support to further drive the use of its materials in high-end applications including energy efficient architectural glazing.

"The mission of GApT is to support the growth of GE's product portfolio though advanced application development and customer support the world over," said Rick Pontillo, general manager, GApT. "Through our Centers of Excellence, GApT is GE Plastics' face to the customers and is the driving force behind the company's role as a global innovation engine that produces practical customer solutions. There is no question that GApT is and will continue to be a key competitive differentiator for us over the next decade and beyond."

The organization's emphasis on innovation, advanced engineering and flexibility is embodied in a six-phase customer innovation process geared to developing custom-application solutions. These six interrelated phases have been developed to provide full-service support at each stage of the application development process and include: market segment and customer needs analysis, concept development, application design development, engineering analysis and design optimization, processing, prototyping, real-world testing and the development of actual parts.

To further support each critical phase of the customer innovation process, GApT offers a broad range of additional services. For example, the organization is actively purchasing the latest equipment to accelerate capability expansion in the areas of application technology innovation, engineering, process development and value-added technical support. Another example includes GApT's process development work, which encompasses the full range of molding, extrusion and thermoforming methods, while performance testing methodologies and technologies to help ensure that key properties of a given application are accurately measured throughout the development process. "Expanding GApT's global capabilities is one of the most ambitious efforts coming out of GE Plastics in recent years," Pontillo said. "Through these efforts, we are leveraging our people, cutting-edge process and materials technology capabilities and global expertise to help our customers meet marketplace challenges and grow their businesses--after all, that's the bottom line."

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