EYE-WATCH is Opening Eyes in Delaware

BFRich Co. Inc. of Newark, Del., has launched the EYE-WATCH window system, which employs stainless steel hardware and additional reinforcement engineered into the frame. The company's internal research team has been developing the new system and was pleased to announce the launch at the Home Builders Association of Delaware's golf tournament last month.

The hurricane-rated window consists of insulating glass with one lite of double-strength annealed glass to the exterior frame and one lite of AFG's laminated glass to the interior. The laminated glass consists of two lites of double-strength annealed glass and one .090-inch Solutia interlayer, separated by TruSeal's DuraSeal™ aluminum butyl warm-edge composite spacer system.

"Builders in states with coastal areas such as Delaware are happy to see an impact product like EYE-WATCH. It will allow them to meet the stringent new impact window codes," said Darryl Huber, architectural and commercial projects manager. "In addition to impact resistance and safety, the laminated glass also provides additional security, superior sound and solar control and ultraviolet screening as compared to standard insulating glass."

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