Endura's Force 5 Passes DP40

Endura Products Inc. has announced that its Force 5 Door System has been certified, lab, and now field tested to meet design pressure (DP) 40 requirements. The entry door components manufacturer says it worked with a well-known, Pacific Northwest builder on independently testing their 6/0 wide by 8/0 tall French Therma-Tru panels with the Hoppe enhanced Endura Force 5 system.

Endura says its Force 5 System components have been precisely engineered to work together from the ground up and is designed and tested to the highest water resistance rating attainable when combined with customer door panels that are assembled and installed according to Force 5 specifications. The parts have been strenuously tested to ensure excellent quality and durability and its dealers have been certified to properly assemble and install these door systems.

During field testing in the Pacific Northwest Endura's system with Therma-Tru door panels yielded two results of two passes at DP 27, which is considered the equivalent to a lab tested DP 40 rating. The system also passed for a full cycle at an actual DP40 rating.

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