Edgetech Introduces Super Spacer TriSeal™ for Structural Glazing

Edgetech of Cambridge, Ohio, has introduced Super Spacer TriSeal, a silicone foam warm-edge spacer system specifically engineered for the commercial glazing market, used in combination with a new fully-automated TriSeal Lisec line. TriSeal's unique triple-seal design incorporates an inner acrylic adhesive seal for immediate unit handling; captive polyisobutylene primary seal for enhanced gas retention and low moisture vapor transmission; plus an outer structural seal for proven structural glazing performance, according to the company. This design allows the spacer system to be compatible with silicone structural sealant, as well as with other secondary sealants for captive glass including polyurethane, polysulfide, DSE/DSA's or hot-melt butyls. The new spacer system works effectively with both structural and fixed window applications, according to the company.

Like other Super Spacer products, TriSeal consists of desiccated silicone foam material, acrylic adhesive to hold the spacer in place on the glass, and continuous moisture vapor barrier. As with all Super Spacer silicone foam spacers, TriSeal provides excellent UV resistance, extreme temperature performance, fast dew-point drop, superior compression-set resistance, excellent color stability and enhanced sound dampening, according to the company.

Since the introduction of Super Spacer TriSeal at glasstec in November 2004, two fully automated Lisec TriSeal lines have been sold in North America and Europe respectively.

For more information, visit www.edgetechig.com.

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