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Crystal Extrusion Systems Expands Into New Markets

Crystal Extrusion Systems, a subsidiary of Crystal Window and Door Systems based in New York, has announced it is expanding its aluminum extrusion and powder coat finishing services to new markets. Previously generating product for Crystal and other window companies, Crystal Extrusion Systems is now reaching out to other metal products industries such as transportation vehicle fabrication.

Thomas Ziegler, general manager, said the company has implemented a number of improvements to prepare for the expansion into new markets. This includes the installation of a $1.4 million aluminum extrusion powder coat finishing system and streamlined operating procedures.

“We have very competitive extrusion services and our powder coat finishing line is second to none,” said Ziegler. “I believe we have a great opportunity to grow significantly by tapping new markets.”

He adds that the company is already sensing the growth with numerous inquiries about its powder coating services.

“The majority of the metal finishing industry in the USA is still using wet paint processing, which is not as environmentally friendly or cost-effective as powder coating, the industry standard in all of Europe,” he said. “Our powder coating capabilities offer customers cost savings, fast turnaround times, custom colors and an environmentally ‘greener’ process than wet paint.”

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