Crystal Extrusion Systems' New Powder Coat Line Now Fully Operational

Crystal Extrusion Systems of Union, Mo., a subsidiary of Crystal Window and Door Systems, has announced that its new $1.4 million aluminum extrusion powder-coat finishing system has undergone installation and is now in full operation. This achievement represents the full and complete recovery of the extruder from a factory fire in late 2004, which destroyed the company's paint finishing line.

The new powder-coat finishing line involved more than 1,600 linear feet of conveyor system and occupies nearly 40,000 square feet of factory floor space. The system uses equipment from several major manufacturers to combine the pre-treatment and powder coat paint operations into one single conveyer integrated system. The operation is also a horizontal system, which unlike vertical paint lines readily facilitates quick and efficient color changes. The latest environmental controls, recovery and disposal procedures are used throughout the facility, according to information from the company.

"Having the new modern powder coat finishing line in full operation is a significant milestone," said James Hu, president of Crystal Extrusion Systems. "We have worked hard to emerge literally from the ashes like a phoenix and construct a very modern operation, allowing us to supply not only our parent company but also other aluminum extrusion users. Also with the completion of the paint line and our increase in extrusion activity we have added 13 jobs to our operation."

The Crystal line is capable of operating at rates up to 16 feet per minute and accepts profiles up to 22 feet in length. The finishing line features a large load/unload area followed by a five-stage inline wash and pre-treatment system. The pre-paint process is completed with a 350° Fahrenheit, 100 linear-foot moisture drying oven.

Twin 37-foot Nordson Excel 2000 powder-coat spray booths are the next step in the operation. Each booth is equipped with 16 spray guns that can be controlled automatically or manually. Automatic control for every type of surface and profile configuration is facilitated through Nordson's iControl™ integrated control system. A 248 linear-foot curving oven with a maximum temperature of 450° Fahrenheit completes the operation.

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