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New Coating Technology is Introduced this Week: Company Tests Product with Vinyl Profile Manufacturers

INFIN™ Coating Technology, a new process to coat wood plastic composites in virtually any color was introduced this week in Baltimore at the Wood-Plastics and Natural Fiber Composites Show. The technology was developed jointly by Inhance/Fluoro-Seal Ltd. and Finishes Unlimited. The company says this allows door and window profiles and trim to be repainted by homeowners years later.

The technology provides these characteristics to the composite by changing the molecular structure of the surface and then coating it with a patent-pending UV curable coating, according to the company. During the process, the extruded composite is first fed through a second chamber where it is exposed to a reactive gas atmosphere that oxidizes the surface so it will accept the coating. It is then fed through an inline vacuum coating chamber where the coating is applied and cured instantly by UV lamps. The composite can be handled immediately after the coating step.

 Ken Burton, president of Finishes Unlimited, and Kelly Williams, business development manager of Inhance/Fluoro-Seal emphasize that the new technology is environmentally friendly. They say that the first phase of the process utilizes very small amounts of reactive gas at any given time and is conducted at less than atmospheric pressure, eliminating chemical emissions. All process gases are completely neutralized. The coating is a 100-percent solids coating containing no water or solvents. As a result it contains no VOCs or HAPs to be emitted into the manufacturing environment and contains no flammable elements.

“Our process requires very little floor space,” says Williams, “and we offer composite manufacturers a high degree of flexibility because they can choose to coat their products immediately or they can coat them much later to meet customer specifications. They even have the option of installing the system at a separate location due to the permanence of the oxidized surface.”

Burton and Williams said they are working with several composite and vinyl profile manufacturers to test the INFIN Coating Technology on their specific products. Other companies that are interested in testing can call Williams at 513/683-4667 or Burton at 630/466-4881 x 23.

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