Francis-Schulze Announces Force 5 Certification

Francis-Schulze, a family-owned wholesale building supplier based in Russia, Ohio, has announced its certification in the Force 5™ Performance Warranty System.

Endura's Force 5™ System components have been engineered to work together from the ground up. The parts have been tested and have received third-party certifications. As a Force 5 dealer, Francis-Schulze is certified to properly assemble and install the guaranteed door systems. They comply to exacting standards to create a door system that is proved to deliver excellent performance and is under full warranty.

Each Force 5™ System component solves commonly encountered issues with doors. These components include:

  • Z-Series Sills from Endura - a technology which uses a patented design of all-synthetic construction; this is adjustable with a high-dam and narrow cap, designed to keep weather out.
  • Ultimate Astragal - Endura's patented three-point sealing system that performs to eliminate water and air infiltration through French doors.
  • Weather sealing - products that have been tested by Endura to perform in all weather situations.
  • Continuous headers, one-piece mulls and continuous sills - fit together perfectly and easily every time.
  • Durable construction covers - required to prevent scratches, dents, dings and dirt on sills and clean up is easy.

Assembly and installation of these components from Francis-Schulze enforces the warranty for builders and homeowners alike. Endura Products Inc. guarantees every Force 5™ product to be free of defect in material and/or workmanship for the life of the product to the original homeowner.

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