Bystronic-glass Easy-Lift Glass Handling Systems is Safe and Efficient

Designed specifically for the fast, safe handling of light loads, Bystronic's Easy-Lift series of single-column lifts save production time while reducing operating costs. High-quality aluminum construction makes these units light in weight yet rugged enough to easily manipulate loads as high as 350 kg. The vacuum grip is reliable, and is generated by either the Venturi method or a pneumatically driven pump.

Three Easy-Lift configurations are available. The basic Easy-Lift is an all-around workhorse capable of providing lifting, tilting and rotating functions with a safe working load of 150/250/350 kg. For screen printing or the handling of other coated glass plates, the Easy-Lift Turnover Manipulator provides lifting and turnover of 96 or 180 degrees, with a safe working load of 150/250 kg. For lifting, tilting, and manual turning in low-quantity operations, the Easy-Lift Mandy can safely accommodate small glass plates up to 100 kg in weight.

Ideally suited for lightweight X-Y craneways, these smooth-running, reliable systems are also very economical to own, according to the company.

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