BSI-Door Hardware Moves to Larger Plant

Dan Raap, general manager for BSI-Door Hardware announced the move of its sliding patio door hardware production, formerly called Sash Controls, to its swing door hardware facility located in Sioux Falls, S.D. More than 40 people are employed at the facility.

"BSI-Door Hardware is experiencing strong growth in demand for its sliding and swing patio door hardware, including hinges, multi-point locks, handles, rollers and an assortment of other door hardware products. The increase in demand for BSI-Door Hardware products has facilitated the expansion of our operations to our existing plant in Sioux Falls," said Raap.

BSI-Door Hardware had facilities in Canton and Sioux Falls, S.D. The plants, formerly divided by swing door and sliding product lines, have now been integrated into the Sioux Falls facility. This move provides better synergies between departments and resources, better control of inventory and production and also allows more room for expansion, according to the company.

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