National Adhesives Unveils New Bondmaster® for Insulation Applications

National Adhesives of Bridgewater, N.J., has introduced Bondmaster® 40-453A, a new adhesive for insulating applications that can bond various facings to lightweight fiberglass for making rolled goods for use in the metal buildings industry.

Bondmaster 40-453A is a formulated copolymer emulsion adhesive used for bonding foil/scrim/kraft and other facings to fiberglass insulation in the manufacture of rolled goods for commercial and residential buildings. It has been formulated to offer a high level of wet tack and good mileage. Its high-tack properties reduce the slippage of poly or foil facings when bonded to fiberglass. A 54-percent-solids adhesive with a viscosity of 800 cps, Bondmaster 40-453A can be roll coated, extruded or air sprayed. A UL-rating will soon be registered with the product, according to the company.

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