DWM Online Archives Shift to Payment-Based Subscription

The DWM online archives, which allow visitors to read the most current copy of the magazine online as soon as it mails, has undergone a formatting change and now requires readers to have a paid subscription to the online-version of the publication.

The change will affect anyone who wishes to view a previously published article from a Key Communications Inc. magazine as well as anyone who links to an article that resides in the online archives.

The archives will continue to house information and news dating back almost a full decade of the print magazine and users will find different subscription options from which to select.

The options allow users to pick the subscription that most effectively suits their needs, from those searching for only one specific article all the way up to those wishing to use it as a library-styled reference to be used frequently.
Subscriptions will allow you to view articles from any magazine published by Key Communications Inc. for the amount of time selected. The usage agreement only permits one printed copy per article you view and any copies in excess of one copy is a copyright infringement and will be prosecuted as such.

The subscription options available are:

  • One-day subscriptions, which expire at midnight of the day of purchase;
  • Monthly subscriptions, which expire 31 days from the date of purchase;
  • Yearly subscriptions, which expire 365 days from the date of purchase; and
  • Lifetime subscriptions, which never expire, but are only offered for a limited time.

To sign up, visit www.usglassmag.com/archives.

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