Allwood Offers Laminating Systems for Door Production

Allwood Machinery Inc. of Greensboro, N.C., is offering Barberan PUR laminating systems for the production of entry and interior doors.

The Barberan systems employ a unique precision dual differential glue spreader that allows the dosing roller speed to be varied by computer control versus the application roller speed. Each application and dosing roller is equipped with independent inverter drives. This allows precise and consistent grammage control and glue application thickness down to 1 mil, according to information from the company.

Digital counters on all settings are accurate to .004 inches. The systems allow for motorized raising and lowering of the application rollers and reversing rollers for easy cleanup. Other features include computerized temperature and speed control, computerized glue spreader operation, a completely enclosed and exhausted glue applicator and fully integrated door presses when required.

The systems are modular and can be added to in the future as required by production demands. They are available in manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic lay-up systems. Any level of automation that is required including auto feeding of the skins and frame building stations with computer controlled stapling systems is available.

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