Survey Says: AAMA Members Offer Views on Proposed AAMA/WDMA Consolation

The AAMA/WDMA Consolidation Team continues to make progress toward a consolidation. Authorized by the AAMA board at its summer meeting in late June, a July survey of AAMA members sought feedback regarding the Consolidation Team's recently negotiated consensus on an additional six key issues as well as the membership's current opinion on proceeding with the consolidation negotiations. The survey garnered 127 responses, nearly a third of which were from CEOs (the balance being from voting representatives). These responses represent 115 member companies, which is almost 42 percent of the AAMA membership. As of July 26, 2005, the results on each issue included in the survey were as follows (results were reported in the summer 2005 issue of the AAMA newsletter):

Supplier Voting: This remains a primary member concern. The current negotiated position involves allowing suppliers to vote at all levels of the spec and standards development process, but, at WDMA's request, it limits supplier voting on governance or administrative issues. The AAMA survey results indicate that 60 percent of the respondents either found this comprise not at all acceptable or only somewhat acceptable (13 percent).

Product Certification: A total of 65 percent of survey respondents agreed with the plan to run the two associations' certification programs in parallel during a transition period, after which there would be a single program.

Minority Representation and Appeals: Current AAMA "super majority" provisions would be retained at the board level of the new association. In the process of developing technical documents, the appropriate Work Management Committee will function as the appeals body. There are to be four Work Management Committees representative of all market segments (commercial, residential, materials and components). 55 percent of those surveyed agreed with this approach.

Members' Equity: The proposal to require equal investments in the new association from AAMA and WDMA as initial funding met with 71 percent approval by the respondents.

Disposition of the AAMA member equity that exceeds the start-up contribution would be determined by the AAMA board.

AAMA Brand Name: The AAMA name and logo will remain on existing documents during an as yet undetermined transition period, during which a marketing plan to educate the industry about the new association's name is developed - a process that will take time to accomplish. This was found acceptable by 58 percent of those surveyed. A strong, specific brand recommendation for the new association was seen as needed to establish an identity recognizable by government, code and industry audiences. A branding presentation will be made at the next scheduled Consolidation Team meeting on September 27.

Technical Process Roadmap: The current process for the development and approval of technical documents and standards, which combines the market-driven best practices of both AAMA and WDMA, was found to be acceptable by 64 percent of the survey participants.

Continue Negotiations? In addition, the survey asked if AAMA should continue consolidation negotiations so that a formal proposal can be presented to the memberships, or to discontinue the process immediately. Results showed that 64 percent preferred to continue the effort.

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