Illinois has released its first integrated, custom energy code based on the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). The state plans to release an additional stretch energy code later this year. This is the first customized, user-friendly energy code for the state.

The Illinois Capital Development Board is working with the International Code Council to publish the additional stretch energy code for jurisdictions seeking enhanced energy efficiency standards beyond the base code. The residential stretch energy code will be based on the 2021 IECC, and the commercial stretch energy code will be based on the 2024 IECC.

“Illinois is committed to reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions,” says TJ Edwards, executive director of the Capital Development Board. “The new 2021 Illinois Energy Conservation Code puts Illinois at the forefront of energy-efficient building construction and saves the average new homeowner almost 10% on utility bills. The Capital Development Board’s partnership with the Code Council to publish the Illinois Energy Conservation Code will make it easier for owners, designers and officials to implement and enforce the code.”

The Capital Development Board has shipped free copies of the new energy code to most jurisdictions statewide. State officials say the Code Council will continue supporting the Illinois Energy Code, with future training planned for code officials and building departments charged with implementing and enforcing the code.

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