A worker performs assembly in Crystal’s Scranton, Pennsylvania, plant.

Crystal Window & Door Systems has expanded operations at its facility in Scranton, Pennsylvania. With 336,000 square feet to utilize, “we’ve capitalized on the space to add product lines and allow other Crystal plants to focus production on new heavy commercial products for regional markets,” said Steve Chen, the company’s president. [DWM] has since confirmed that the company also purchased a 44-acre parcel of land in Mansfield, Texas, where it plans to build a 650,000-square-foot manufacturing facility for doors and windows, and associated production operations. The Texas facility will double as a regional headquarters, as the company looks to quicken access to its products.

“Shipping finished products into Texas has gone well, but of course it adds expense and time, both of which will be dramatically reduced by having a major production facility in Texas,” Chen told [DWM].

Over a phased, multi-year period, the company will start production for vinyl and aluminum doors and windows in Texas, “and possibly ancillary operations like vinyl and aluminum extrusion,” Chen said.

“Expansion in Texas is a natural move. The Texas window and door market continues to grow and with our existing sales and distribution branch in the Dallas region, it was logical for the company’s next new facility to be there to better serve current and future trade customers,” Chen said.

The site will be developed in several phases, officials told [DWM]. In all, the new operation is expected to bring 500 jobs to the region. Texas Governor Greg Abbot said the facility represents a more than $121 million capital investment. A Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF) grant of $3.2 million has been extended to the company, along with a $15,000 Veteran Created Job Bonus, the Governor’s office reported.

The company also plans to add additional equipment to its Scranton facility in 2024, including vinyl saws, welders and corner cleaners. Building improvements, a new rooftop sign and enhancements to employee break areas are also planned.

Crystal’s plant in Scranton, Pennsylvania

“The new equipment we have already added here recently has improved our operating efficiency and reduced lead times,” said Chen. “Further improvements this year will continue the trend, and it will allow us to satisfy demand even more effectively and improve deliveries to our customers.”

Most of the products fabricated in Pennsylvania are shipped directly to jobsites and customers throughout the Northeast, MidAtlantic, Southeast, and Central Mid-West regions, according to company information.

The recent expansion also allows for production of several new products, officials said.

Amid his company’s expansions, Chen acknowledged “current market challenges,” including inflation, labor, mortgage rates and “general economic unease.” Those factors have slackened sales growth in many areas of the country, he told [DWM], adding, “Nevertheless, Crystal believes that despite current challenges the future remains bright. Therefore, we feel it is time to take bold actions now to position the company advantageously for the future.”

Crystal was started in 1990, via a small commercial operation in New York.

“With focus, determination, and a lot of hard work with dedicated employees, Crystal is now a national manufacturer with five major production facilities across the country,” said the company’s chairperson and founder, Thomas Chen. “Our products are used in some of the most notable buildings throughout the nation, and I am thrilled to bring our expertise to the great state of Texas.”

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