ProVia announced that it has inducted three of its truck drivers into a newly-formed Million Mile Club. Company officials describe the Million Mile Club as “a prestigious group of extremely high-performing, professional drivers.” The criteria for being considered for induction includes driving at least one million consecutive miles without a preventable incident.

Left to right: Chris Yoder, Jeff Schlabach, and Tim Gingerich

This inaugural group of inductees includes Chris Yoder, Jeff Schlabach, and Tim Gingerich.

Yoder was inducted after accomplishing one million consecutive miles, while Schlabach and Gingerich were inducted after accomplishing 1.5 million consecutive miles.

The achievement represents a high level of consistent performance, given that, if the driver maintains a pace of 100,000 miles per year, it takes 10 years to drive one million consecutive miles. In their cases, Yoder, Schlabach and Gingerich’s streaks include nearly 12, 14 and 13 consecutive years of driving, respectively. ProVia has several other drivers who are approaching the million-mile mark as well.

“We are honored and grateful that these drivers represent ProVia across the U.S.,” said T.J. Mummert, director of logistics, siding fleet for ProVia. “They exemplify a high standard of professionalism and protect the safety of the general public. We’re thankful to have professional drivers like Chris, Jeff and Tim on the road.”

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