Associated Materials announced it will commit more than $100 million in investments to upgrading and increasing capacity across all of its major product categories. The investment is part of what officials called an “ongoing transformation strategy,” focusing on people, equipment, digital technologies, and “new ways of working.” Changes are geared toward strengthening the customer experience to align with changing market dynamics, officials said—including an anticipated remodeling boom.

“A confluence of trends in the current housing market leads us to believe that people will be more likely to remodel their homes in the coming years,” said James Drexinger, CEO of Associated Materials. “We believe these investments will provide our customers with a competitive advantage to meet increased consumer demand for our products across the U.S. and Canada.”

The investments being made now will further upgrade and increase capacity across vinyl doors and windows, vinyl siding and accessories, composite cladding and metal building products.

“We will be installing new lines, upgrading existing ones, and adding automated technologies,” said Drexinger. “These investments are part of a long-term strategic move to meet the evolving demands of the market and the changing needs of our customers, assuring that they and us stay ahead of the curve and are ready for the future.”

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